YAC screening centre

Via Olgettina 58
20132 Milano

Tel: +39-02 26434775
Fax: +39-02 26434855

Manager: Dr. Daniela Toniolo
Co-ordinator: Dr. Silvia Bione
Technical support: Mara Goegan

The YAC Screening Centre provides a wide range of services to scientists involved in genome mapping and gene isolation, distributing clones from the main genomic libraries.
The Centre is founded by TELETHON and AIRC and is free of charge for Italian scientists.

Three YAC libraries and two PAC libraries are available either as clones or as pools for screening by PCR. Now a BAC library is also available for clone distribution.
Pools ready for PCR screening or genomic clones can be ordered on-line using the appropriate forms. All resources will be delivered by special courier within one week.

Clones from the Human male BAC library are now available.