CFCM: Core Facility for Conditional Mutagenesis

Contact Person: Ilaria Castellazzi

In June 1999 Telethon Foundation established in collaboration with the San Raffaele Biomedical Science Park of Milan, the San Raffaele-Telethon Core Facility for Conditional Mutagenesis (CFCM) to strengthen studies in animal models. Researchers funded by Telethon will take advantage of the CFCM services at a very low costs; the service is also available to Researchers not funded by Telethon that will pay the entire cost of the service. The CFCM will generate knockout mice (KO) or transgenic mice (tg) or will perform rederivation on existing mice. The mice produced at CFCM will be SPF certified so that they can enter any SPF animal facility. Eventually the customer can negotiate to prolong further the mice housing in the animal facility.