It is with a particular sense of gratification that I introduce the San Raffaele Biomedical Science Park and the scientific activities that are being carried out on its premises and at the nearby San Raffaele Hospital.
Medicine, biomedical research and education at the highest level are the standards that San Raffaele has to meet. For these reasons, the Science Park has been promoted and developed by a private non-profit institution, the San Raffaele Foundation, which has been active for decades in funding advanced medical and biological research.
The Science Park is a place where science, technology and culture have entered the Third Millennium with the following two distinguishing features:
- achievement of superior scientific innovations and health care quality;
- education for particularly promising intellects.

San Raffaele is entirely dedicated to high quality research and technological development, as well as being open to housing industrial laboratories and affiliated institutions wishing to carry out their initiatives within an advanced technological environment. An outstanding achievement was the opening in 1996 of the University Vita-Salute San Raffaele, with degree course in Psychology, and Medicine and Surgery and a PhD Program in Cellular and Molecular Biology. More recently we established also a degree course in Medical and Pharmaceutical Technologies and the new Faculty of Philosophy. In this new academic institution, students can benefit from high quality lectures, research and clinical practice. Until a few years ago, the various components that now participate in the Science Park, that is academia (both medicine and biology), non-profit institutions (various private foundations) and industrial research enterprises, worked independently with collaboration established on an individual basis.
The ongoing revolution of biomedical research requires that these boundaries be eliminated, and this is what we have accomplished with the San Raffaele Biomedical Science Park.
The advantages obtained from this venture are extensive and significant, providing for all of us the stimuli needed to walk into the future with growing ethical and professional commitment.

sac. prof. Luigi M. Verzè
Chairman, San Raffaele Foundation