The unique features of the Science Park derive from the rapid development of the San Raffaele Institute in health care and research along with the elevated standards which have characterised the San Raffaele Foundation from its inception.
The new, modern hospital was initially established in Milan by the San Raffaele Foundation in the early seventies in close connection with the University of Milan School of Medicine.

This collaboration permitted San Raffaele to include in its staff a group of young and qualified professors and to become a branch of the School of Medicine for clinical teaching and assistance.

Soon thereafter, the hospital was recognised by the Ministry of Health as a Scientific Institute (IRCCS), i.e. a hospital devoted primarily to research, initially in the fields of diabetes and metabolic disorders. Because of the high quality of medical skills and patient care provided, San Raffaele has been rapidly expanding adding new clinical disciplines to its original interests.

Today, it is equipped with about one thousand beds for patient care and provides outstanding services in the fields of general medicine, surgery, paediatrics, gynaecology, cardiology, heart surgery, neuroradiology, neurosurgery, orthopaedics and rehabilitation medicine as well as continuing its interests in diabetes and setting up new technologies in the fields of diagnostic bio-imaging and laboratory medicine.

The San Raffaele Scientific Institute is acknowledged at the national level to be both a highly specialised and qualified hospital, capable of carrying out clinical drug development.

In the last few years a number of clinical studies have been performed (Phase I-IV), including single and multiple dose tolerance, studies with radiolabelled compounds, pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic studies on a large number of selected subjects in many disciplines.

At San Raffaele, clinical trials are performed following the international standards (Good Clinical Practice, GCP) and 75% of the total sponsored trials are international multi-centre programs.

Solid technical and administrative support, with the help of the internal Ethics Review Committee, guarantees compliance with the legal and ethical guidelines.

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