TelBios S.p.A. has been founded at the end of the year 2000, based on Telbios non-profit consortium carrying out research in Space Medicine and Telemedicine. Currently, the share holders are Science Park Raf, Alenia Space and Value Partners.

TelBios main activities are:
- Telemedicine
- Clinical distance teaching

Telemedicine is a system of health care delivery that allows rapid access, even from remote areas, to medical expertise by means of telecommunication and information technologies, using interactive audio-visual and data exchange, no matter where the patient or patient groups and relevant information are.

Telemedicine today

The use of telematic technologies in medicine offers a very important instrument to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and cost of health care cycle.
The use of telemedicine today solves some extremely complex problems of the health care system:

  • Cutting trough the barriers of time and distance ("Virtual Hospital")
    - Diagnosis
    - Treatment
    - Hospitalisation
    - "second opinion"
  • CME (Continuing Medical Education)
  • Exchange of clinical data

Managing health services

- General access to a global medical information system via satellite and ground networks
- Medical "web-like access": "user friendly" interface to the telemedicine service and
- Health data management
- Medical data security and confidentiality
- Continuing medical assistance and monitoring (inpatient and outpatient care)
- Knowledge available where needed for complex decision making

Why the Satellite

The use of the satellite guarantees the best communications ever in terms of:
- Full coverage of the territory
- Connections in case of emergency
- Connections with mobile units
- Efficient support to broadcasting and multi-point communications for medical
education and consultation sessions
- Network flexibility according to medical needs

Towards an integrated healthcare network

TelBios, with the support of the European Space Agency (ESA), which provided the initial infrastructure and satellite capacity, and in co-operation with the Italian Space Agency (ASI) and the Italian General Defence Staff, has already set up the first operative European telemedicine network, SHARED (Satellite Health Access for Remote Environment Demonstrator).
The network integrates satellite and terrestrial communications in a seamless information system, with state of the art video-communication and high-speed data transmission capabilities.
After two years of field trials mainly in Bosnia, Albania and Romania, SHARED is now evolving into a fully operative system by increasing the number of hospitals and health care centres.
TelBios is now looking forward to building a global telemedicine network and therefore is developing:
- A Telemedicine Operating Centre for the promotion, maintenance and operative direction of the telemedicine services
- The procedures for delivering the telemedicine services efficiently and effectively
- A Telemedicine Service Centre (for tele-consulting, tele-diagnosis, tele-monitoring etc.) that will operate through an integrated terrestrial and satellite network.