Charles River

Since 1972 Charles River Italia S.p.A. has been the leader in the production of high quality laboratory animals. Taking great care in meeting users' requirements, within the scope of biomedical research, Charles River has widened the range of products and services made available to the scientific community. Focusing on this effort, based on the vast experience gained in the specific field of laboratory animals, Charles River Italia can also provide service management of animal care units for third parties. It is in this capacity that Charles River Italia is located in the San Raffaele Biomedical Science Park, managing the Animal Care Facility. In addition, Charles River Italia contributes to the realization of the project of this animal care unit by its quality of technical and scientific consulting for the evaluation of existing projects, planning of environmental conditions, equipment required. The staff, appointed by Charles River Italia for the management of the Science Park Animal Facility, is selected and trained in the BARRIERED breeding areas and in the ISOLATORS section at the Calco Center. The Veterinary Direction and Laboratory Service of the headquarters, in collaboration with the San Raffaele Biomedical Science Park Animal Care Unit at DIBIT guarantees:

- supervision of the correct application of standard operative procedures
- advice on any veterinary problem caused or arising from experimental conditions
- outlining and carrying out of health monitoring for the Science Park Facility

Charles River is also a leader in providing transgenic services to promote effective model development and efficient disease screening with:
- Colony Maintenance & Development: customize breeding programs that include contract animal production, backcrossing, intercrossing and development of homozygous colonies. Breeding is carried out in the Isolators Section or in a system of Filter Top Cages kept in a dedicate barrier room at Calco plant
- Rederivation: performed to eliminate pathogens interfering with research is carried at The Transgenic Department in Charles River-Iffa Credo
- Embryo Cryopreservation & Storage
- Genetic Monitoring & Accelerated Backcrossing: Charles River offers a comprehensive set of DNA based tests for the monitoring of genetic background as well as of genetically modified laboratory animals
- Quarantine & Health Monitoring Health Monitoring Protocols range in type and complexity from simple serology to comprehensive testing including, histopatology, bacteriology, parasitology and serology
- JAX® Mice distribution: The Jackson Laboratory and Charles River Laboratories have entered into an international cooperative agreement. The terms of the agreement authorise Charles River to serve as the exclusive import and distribution agent for all JAX® Mice strains in the European and Pacific Rim. In addition, under the guidance of The Jackson Laboratory, Charles River is authorised to breed, for distribution, selected high demand JAX® Mice strains in local Charles River breeding facilities in Europe and Japan
- Animal Import & Export Assistance Charles River could attend to all the necessary certificates of health and the final delivery to the customer's facility
- Bibliography support: searches from the data bank at Charles River headquarters

How to reach us in Italy:
via Indipendenza 11 Calco (Lecco)
Tel. +39 039 509915
Fax +39 039 508219

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